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Brieanna Lenoir Longing Embrace: An Alluring Ingenue FF Romantic Erotica (The Alluring Ingenue Book 2)

by Calypso Hardt
An Alluring Ingenue Romantic Erotica

After a weekend fling with Olivia, Brieanna is more confused than ever. The one thing she’s certain of is she wants to see Olivia again…

Two months ago, Brieanna’s boyfriend dumped her when she came out as bisexual. One month ago, she met Camila at a conference and had her first experience with a woman. Three days ago, she spent the weekend with the amazing Olivia.
Alone in a new city and trying to figure out what to do next in life, Brie is certain of only one thing. She needs to follow her passion and recreate her intensely sensual weekend with Olivia.

When Olivia heads out of town for the week, Brie reaches out to Camila for advice. Afraid she might be moving too fast, but unable to stop thinking about either woman, Brieanna is struggling to reconcile what she wants with how she sees herself. An unwelcome visit from her drunk ex upends her plans and throws her into an emotional spiral. Can she pull it together in time for her date, or will she sabotage her chances to explore her undeniable connection with Olivia?

Brieanna Lenoir Longing Embrace is the second book in The Alluring Ingenue Romantic Erotica series. It should be read after Olivia Van Hoorn Taking Control but isn’t necessary to understand the story.

FF. This story contains explicit descriptions of sexual activity and is intended for readers over the age of eighteen. Reader discretion is advised.


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Lesbian Erotica
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Listed Publisher
Nymph Song Publishing
Publication Date
Nov 30 2020
Calypso Hardt