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A Day of Darkness (Watchers of Outremer Book 3)

by Suzannah Rowntree
A warrior running from his future. A djinn running from her past.
Can they save the city…or will they doom it?

Tripoli, 1289: Trapped by black magic in a hostile future, John Bessarion is determined to find his way home to a family and homeland that desperately need him. Yet when his quest leads him to a city trembling on the brink of destruction, John discovers that not everyone in this strange future has forgotten his name...or the terrible things he's already done to protect his people.

As an enslaved djinn, Soraya fears she will never be anything more than a killer. Sent to infiltrate and betray a city under siege, she is helpless to subvert her mission until she stumbles across a face from her long-forgotten past.

When John and Soraya join forces to save the city, they attract the attention of opposing sides in an ancient battle of evil against evil. Yet the greatest danger they face might not be the demons struggling for control of Tripoli...but the secrets buried in both their pasts.

Is there any way home for killers like them?


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Alternative History
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Listed Publisher
Bocfodder Press
Publication Date
Dec 03 2020
Suzannah Rowntree