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Dungeon of Chance: Even Odds: A Dungeon Core Novel (Serious Probabilities)

Dungeon of Chance: Even Odds: A Dungeon Core Novel (Serious Probabilities)

by Jonathan Brooks
by Jonathan Brooks
A Dungeon Core Novel

In a world dictated by probabilities, Clay was an anomaly…

Thousands of Heroes protect the land, defending against the periodic incursions by gigantic monsters known as World Threats. This was the way it had always been and Clay Shuntwise was perfectly fine with that. Running deliveries for his family’s shop in the sleepy town of Renton, the young teenager barely even thought about Heroes and their role in keeping the world safe.

That was, at least, until the world came crashing down on him.

Reborn into the brand-new and unfamiliar form of a Dungeon Core, Clay struggles through learning more about Heroes and the dungeons they delve through to get stronger. According to the guide that was trying to help him understand his new life, however, because he was a former Hero, Clay should already know most of what he needed to succeed; all of the finer parts regarding the relationship between Heroes and dungeons, including information about probabilities and drop rates, should be common knowledge.

The problem? Despite wishing that he had been that lucky in his past life, Clay had never been a Hero…but now he might be forced to become one, though not quite in the way he ever expected.

This book contains Dungeon Core, LitRPG, and GameLit elements including dungeon construction and defense, monster summoning, character progression, and a game-like interface. In addition, many of the probabilities the world is based upon are similar to Gacha-type mechanics. Contains no profanity, harems, or explicit sexual content.


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Fantasy, Sword & Sorcery
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Independently published
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Nov 13 2020
Jonathan Brooks