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Kneldt's Fantasy Part 1: Three civilizations meet in a swirl of politics, intrigue, alien romance and interstellar war.

by Vern Blanchette
The Horsh and the Tobela have been at war for hundreds of years. Their battles are fought in ships called Battlemappers, which can map from one place to another by performing quantum-gravitational impedance matching while pinching together two points in the energy brane of the space-time continuum. Operating these ships in combat requires great skill at casting patterns of mappings designed to materialize one's ship inside the body of the enemy's ship. Dominium Terrelis, of the House of Terrelis, of the world of Huttle III in the Roddashe Sector of the Federation of Light is the ace of aces at mapperdance. In the middle of war he falls for a young Tobelan maiden and saves her from the wicked plans of the High Priest of Hala; the Religion of Balance. His serendipitous entanglement with her places him to meet a surprise Horsh sneak attack. Meanwhile, during their exploration of the galactic arm for more "Web" to rule, the spider-like Horsh bump into a human space craft. A Tobelan ship arrives just in time to save the humans and the three civilizations meet in a swirl of politics, intrigue, love, religion, alien romance and interstellar war. Which of the three interstellar civilizations will win the battle for dominance? Will Dom win the winsome Kari even though he is a Rodda? Will Kari's mother ever accept Dom as a potential mate for her daughter? Will Kari's Knatt survive the Horsh's thermonuclear strike at the city of Mirellen? What exactly is Kneldt's Fantasy? This and more awaits the reader of Kneldt's Fantasy.


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Science Fiction, Exploration
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Independently published
Publication Date
Nov 05 2020
Vern Blanchette