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We Shall Reap

by C.D. Beaudin
Jehl Fahara has two regrets: meeting Roan Riker and letting him live. In her quiet hometown, she spends her days tending to her family’s sheep, trying to find hope and healing in the isolation. But the flames that burned her threaten to reignite when Roan comes back into her life.

Roan Riker has two goals: finding the Torenstone and taking it. When the nation of Jhez Ohr is faced with famine, the sultan enlists Roan’s help. He must travel to a land long forgotten, the last hope for the dying country, and possibly Roan’s last chance to possess the mythical Torenstone.

This precarious mission pulls five into the morose world of Jehl and Roan…

Roan’s right-hand man, loyal as a dog.
A wandering mercenary, defiant as a traitor.
An elven prince, arrogant as a king.
The prince’s brother, vigilant as a soldier.
And a young sultan, selfless as a martyr.

Seven souls enter the fire. But a cold front is on the horizon. Will they save Jhez Ohr and themselves? Or will sins of the past reap something much worse than scars?


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Independently published
Publication Date
Oct 22 2020
C.D. Beaudin