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Brieanna Lenoir Taking Chances: An Alluring Ingenue FF Romantic Erotica (The Alluring Ingenue Book 1)

by Calypso Hardt
An Alluring Ingenue FF Romantic Erotica

When Brieanna makes eye contact with the curvy, tattooed goddess across the room, will she let go of her past for a taste of the future?

After her sexy, out-of-town fling with Camila Devereaux, Brieanna Lenoir came home to the emotional aftermath of being publicly dumped. The sizzling extracurricular activities on a business trip had not only been her first sexual encounter with a woman but had started repairing her damaged self-esteem. But now that it was over, what next?

When a co-worker invited Brieanna to a party, Brie knew she needed to get out of the house and meet new people. She had no idea when she walked in she’d be swept off her feet by the lush and sensual Olivia. Will Brieanna take a chance on the stunning woman? Or will she go home alone?

Brieanna Lenoir Taking Chances is the first book in The Alluring Ingenue Romantic Erotica series and the first “Camilaverse” spin-off series.

FF. This story contains explicit descriptions of sexual activity and is intended for readers over the age of eighteen. Reader discretion is advised.


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Lesbian Erotica
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Listed Publisher
Nymph Song Publishing
Publication Date
Nov 11 2020
Calypso Hardt