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The Rising: Awakening (Dark Immortals Book 1)

The Rising: Awakening (Dark Immortals Book 1)

by D. Ann Hall
by D. Ann Hall
What’s buried in the sand has slept for centuries. Some things should never be exhumed...

When Egyptologist Samuel Clayton inherits a gold talisman with unusual markings, he’s driven to uncover its secrets. Where did it come from? What do they mean? And why when receiving it did a flood of forgotten memories and the ethereal red-headed beauty—who had seduced him in his youth—return with malice?
His alliance with a questionable organisation, a team of scientists with agendas, and nightmarish visions plague him. Undeterred and locked within a destiny that will either consume or destroy him, he finds himself face to face with a vampire, whose very existence is tied to his past.
Love, loss, and twisted truths have weaved through the vampire Kesha’s long life, and now an old threat is at her door. Pulled from her sanctuary in Scotland, she knows what must be done. She must stop the rising to keep the status quo and kill the one responsible. Then she meets the one they call Anubis. The one who brings the dead to their deeds. What is he to her? What justice is to be served, and on who?

The narrative of Samuel and Kesha winds through time to weave a rich, expansive world, revealing a tale of love, loss, lies and the very heart of human existence.

Not all is as it seems. Truth has been corrupted and lies given seed.

A thrilling read for fans of Anne Rice, Wilbur Smith, Dan Brown, J.R. Ward or Deborah Harkness.


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Romance, Paranormal Vampire, Horror Classics
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Listed Publisher
Hawthorn Publishing
Publication Date
Nov 01 2020
D. Ann Hall