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Survival Kit

by A.H. Haga et al.
When the dead prowl the streets of Oslo, survivors Kit and Shadia have to get out of there. They decide to go where the dead can’t follow–their family cabin on a remote island–but they have to fight their way out of the city first.
Facing the dangers of this new world, both living and dead, is hard enough, but the couple also has to deal with Kit’s severe Myalgic Encephalomyelitis. It can throw a wrench into the simplest of plans, and Kit’s fear that the sickness may be the death of her seems more a reality for every day.
Despite the odds stacked against them, Shadia and Kit are ready to fight for their survival and for each other.


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Science Fiction, LGBTQ+, LGBT, Post-Apocalyptic, Lesbian
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Listed Publisher
Haga Books
Publication Date
Jan 05 2021
A.H. Haga
Anniken Haga