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Flesh Eater (Houndstooth)

Flesh Eater (Houndstooth)

by Travis M. Riddle
by Travis M. Riddle
"Flesh Eater is what happens when you take Redwall, age it several hundred years into a grungy dystopian industrialized kingdom, then stir in crime syndicates, an inscrutable immortal king, and high-stakes spiderback races. It's one of the weirdest and most entertaining books I've read all year, and I can't wait for book two." - John Bierce, author of Mage Errant

Branded as a Flesh Eater, Coal is on the run from Palace Stingers: soldiers tasked with tracking down those who have consumed flesh and locking them away in specialized prisons.

After a year of avoiding capture and struggling to scrape by working odd jobs for a local crime lord, Coal is growing desperate. He learns of someone in the city's underbelly who can erase his record, but her services don't come cheap.

Seeing no other option, he enters a spiderback race with a grand prize valuable enough to pay for his fresh start. But he's not the only one after the prize, and Coal is about to find out exactly how far he's willing to go to win.


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Fantasy, Epic, Action & Adventure, Crime Action & Adventure, Romantic Action & Adventure
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Independently Published
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Oct 22 2020
Travis M. Riddle