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Dragons' Third Lover: A Lost Cove Paranormal MMF Romantic Erotica

by Calypso Hardt
A Lost Cove Paranormal MMF Romantic Erotica

For Stephan, being the third wheel is tiring, but not nearly as exhausting as keeping secrets.

Stefan had watched Carlos, his best friend and lover, fall for the siren Callie, and even though he was always welcome in their bed, that was no longer enough. He was jealous and moody—driving them away when what he wanted was to join them.

On top of the stress of the shifting dynamics of his relationship, he’s fast approaching the day he must decide whether to go back willingly to his family and fulfill the destiny they’d intended for him or defy them and be dragged back in chains.

Stefan needs to plan for his eventual return to the shackles of leadership and an arranged marriage, but all he can think about is how much he needs Carlos and Callie in his life and in his bed. Will Stefan step up to his family’s expectations and return to rule the Dragon Keep? Or will he follow his heart and open up to the man and woman he loves?

Dragons' Third Lover, book 3 in the Lost Cove series, is a paranormal MM, MMF, PolyAm, and DP romantic erotica; definitely only for 18+ mature audiences.


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Paranormal Erotica
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Listed Publisher
Nymph Song Publishing
Publication Date
Nov 17 2020
Calypso Hardt