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The Prophecy (Moral Bloodlines)

by S.V. Filice
ISABELLE LOFFLIN doesn't believe in destiny or coincidence. How did she arrive in time to unleash the hidden prophecy? After months living at the regional camp for Sight, Isabelle soon discovers how much of her past was part of a ploy and who exactly arranged for her arrival.Darkness stirs emotions and affinities reveal themselves in unexpected ways as Descendants prepare for the winter solstice. Calix's golden eyes burn as Isabelle questions if their relationship is a consequence of the prophecy, or if it is real. Determined to learn the truth of the camp's involvement and unsure of who to trust, she realizes her new friends hide their own secrets.Will Isabelle and her friends forget their differences to stop the next attack, or will the war against darkness risk more than their balance?


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Fantasy, Coming of Age, Children's Magic, Paranormal & Urban
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Independently Published
Publication Date
Oct 09 2020
S.V. Filice