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Vampire's First Bite: A Lost Cove FF & FFF Paranormal Romantic Erotica

by Calypso Hardt
A Lost Cove FF & FFF Paranormal Romantic Erotica

Charley woke up alone on a strange beach, feverish and craving blood.

After a night out with friends, the last thing Charley remembers is a strange figure in a dark hallway… Now she’s trapped in a windowless room, drinking blood through a straw, and lusting after the beautiful vampire who’s trapped her there.

She’s supposed to be learning to control her vampiric abilities and her blood lust, but the only lust she can think about is how she feels about her beautiful captor.

June is doing everything she can to teach Charley what she needs to know to survive and to stay professional doing it, but the new vampire’s lush curves and obvious attraction to June are about to break her resolve.

Will Charley seduce her sexy jailer and embrace life as a vampire? Or will June’s iron self-control leave everyone unsatisfied?

Vampire’s First Bite, book 2 in the Lost Cove series, is a paranormal FF & FFF romantic erotica; definitely only for 18+ mature audiences.


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Paranormal Erotica
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Listed Publisher
Nymph Song Publishing
Publication Date
Oct 27 2020
Calypso Hardt