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Siren's Last Call: A Lost Cove FF & Group Sex Paranormal Romantic Erotica

by Calypso Hardt
A Lost Cove FF & Group Sex Paranormal Romantic Erotica

All Callie knows is the sea, solitude, and that sex is only for survival.

Callie has spent centuries isolated from the real world, using her siren powers to lure passing ships to her island so she can steal the life force of the men. But when she’s done feeding and the last boat disappears over horizon, she’s left empty and dissatisfied. What if what she needs isn’t food?

Curiosity and loneliness push past the fear of discovery and lead her to Lost Cove—a coastal town a few miles from Callie’s island. When she makes it to shore, Callie discovers she’s not the only monster looking for more than a quick snack…and she might be on the menu.

Will Callie find a home and learn to use her siren’s call for pleasure as well as survival? Or will the monsters drive her back into the sea?

Siren’s Last Call, book 1 in the Lost Cove series, is paranormal ff & group sex romantic erotica; definitely only for 18+ mature audiences.


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Paranormal Erotica
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Listed Publisher
Nymph Song Publishing
Publication Date
Oct 06 2020
Calypso Hardt