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The Lightning Bride (The Kingdom Isles)

by D.M. Sonntag
What if finding a husband meant losing her freedom?

Maydeline Shadow dreamed of adventures on the Five Seas, certainly not settling in the Northern Kingdom with any of her mother’s choice of suitors. But when her family’s secret is exposed, Maylie is forced by old rules to find a husband.

Taking matters into her own hands, she flees her colony and is thrust into an unknown world of magic, mermaids, and marauders with new and foreign rules. She must not only discover her own mystical abilities, but a wicked ploy to destroy her family.

If she chooses the wrong man, she could lose it all.


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Fantasy, New Adult & College, Sea Stories, Historical, Coming of Age
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Independently published
Publication Date
Oct 17 2020
D.M. Sonntag