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by Eric Paul Erickson
NETHERLANDS 1463- During a night of terror and otherworldly horror, the small Dutch village of Den Bosch burns to the ground. History claims it was a tragic accident, but the truth is a dark secret that birthed a shadowy society known only as the Brotherhood.
THE PRESENT- When a sacred artifact is stolen from United Nations cultural scientist Dr. Kurt Stone, he wants answers. His search leads him to the top secret Aurora Project, where Stone learns the team has crossed the ultimate frontier... death itself.
On the other side of this life is a universe called the Realm, the next step in human evolution. Yet not all those who reside there are benevolent. A dark power lurks with mysterious ties to the Brotherhood and the goal of conquering both sides of death.
With enemies closing in, Stone and his new team travel this world and the next in a search for what really lies beyond... in the Realm.


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Science Fiction, Adventure
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Independently Published
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Oct 04 2020
Eric Paul Erickson