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Wenworld: The World Inside the Crystal

Wenworld: The World Inside the Crystal

by T.R. Preston
by T.R. Preston
Ika Ivory and Chandi MorrowHill are two teenagers from a small town. They are the closest of friends; nearly inseparable. As wonderful as their bond is, it was forged due to tragic circumstances. Both of them are victims of dreadful childhood traumas. It is through their grief that they grew closer and learned to take on the world together.

Wenworld is a strange and wondrous place, and they have vowed to chase two particular men to the ends of it and back for revenge: Kirga, the man who ruined Ika's family and life, and Wriliara, the man who ruined Chandi's. It just so happens that these men work together, though the incidents the children suffered through took place at separate times. Once they found this out, Ika and Chandi made a promise to each other that they would hunt them to the far reaches of the world to get their revenge; together, as they did all things.

In order to get the revenge they seek, however, they must first be trained in the complex ways of Wenworld magic. Kirga and Wriliara are far more powerful than the average criminal. Ika and Chandi will need to close a mighty gap in time for that showdown. Good thing they have a competent master, who just happens to be a talking rabbit. What could go wrong?

A magical and enthralling first installment, The World Inside the Crystal acts as part one of a four-book series. Fans of Terry Pratchett's DISCWORLD or J.K Rowling's HARRY POTTER will find themselves right at home in Wenworld.


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Fantasy, Sword & Sorcery
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Independently Published
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Oct 05 2020
T.R. Preston