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The Serrated Edge of Fate

by Nikola Harvey et al.
Some family traditions are better left in the past

Jaskian Veris grew up knowing that one day, his mate would be killed. It was law amongst his kind that allowed no exceptions — but for a playboy angel with darker, more sinful preferences, it didn't sound like much of a problem.

Happily living away from the angels, Vincenzo Riskel kept to himself and the farm he worked on, only leaving for the occasional, consensual fight with another demon or to get supplies for his family. He knew the laws... knew that if he ever met his mate, he would die. He wasn't stupid enough to venture beyond the Dreadlands.

When a chance encounter brings the two together despite their efforts to stay apart, sparks will fly in more ways than one, and they'll either have to resist the pull they feel for each other or be the ones to unravel it all.

This is a steamy M/M paranormal romance with some dark elements.


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Romance, LGBTQ+, Fantasy, Dark
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Listed Publisher
Independently published
Publication Date
Oct 04 2020
Nikola Harvey
Kiran Charles