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by C. M. Yeung
If it weren’t for the talking faces on the walls, Kaguya would say she’s perfectly fine. She’s in a tiny cell and she hasn’t spoken to anyone who wasn’t a guard in several hundred days, but it could be worse: she could be dead. After a chance escape, she accidentally frees a foe: Henri, better known as Monsieur le Renard, the galaxy’s most feared assassin.
Kaguya wants to find her family and Henri wants to get rid of his boss. So they decide to work together: Henri will help her find her family and she will help defend him. But in order to do so, she must work under the vicious and unstable Count Ludovico. Can she survive the crazed count’s rule and live to see her family? As she investigates, her search leads her to discover a dark secret that could rock the very foundations of the galaxy.


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Science Fiction, Adventure, Suspense Thrillers
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Independently Published
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Sep 29 2020
C. M. Yeung