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The World, Silently Spinning

by M.B. Maskovas
Man vs. Nature Takes A Whole New Thrilling Turn

With a scream, her world is left empty. Katy is a misunderstood scientist in the near-future United States, where the country has turned to extremist anti-science views just as the climate is taking a turn for the worst. A horrifying phenomenon removes humanity from the world - all except Katy. In a new life where nature rules, Katie wanders the American West trying to rationalize what happened. Her future is uncertain - something other than loneliness hunts her. Is the monster humanity's conscience coming back to finish the job - or is Katy's mind turning against her? Enter a twisted tale where human nature and its faults intertwine with a natural world we've mistreated. She wasn't supposed to be left behind.

The World, Silently Spinning is a too-close-for-comfort cross-genre novel reimagining what a world without humanity could look like.


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Science Fiction, Post-Apocalyptic, LGBT Horror, American Horror, Literary
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Independently Published
Publication Date
Oct 08 2020
M.B. Maskovas