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The Echo Effect

by John McGuire
In the world before, Aaron Anders had a different life with a different family...Until the White Light washed them away.A select few know the truth about our world: every time the calendar approached the year 2025, the world resets and creates a new Earth, with a new history for each of us. The Awakened remember their previous lives, and throughout history, many of them have done their best to ensure that the world proceeds on a particular path.The lucky few.Aaron didn't feel lucky. Trapped in this loop, forced to live again and again in half-remembered lives, his current reality was spiraling out of control. His wife and his best friend thought he was losing his mind, and the worst part was they might be right. Another existence filled his head, mixing false memories with his real ones until he wasn't sure of the truth.And the only one who seemed to know anything was a stranger convinced "They" were after both of them.


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Time Travel, Metaphysical & Visionary
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Independently Published
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Sep 18 2020
John McGuire