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Star Eater (The Star Eater Epic Book 1)

by Alno Highking
Five thousand years prior, Lalu The Cursed terrorized the universe with power stars had never seen before and still to this day, he was unstoppable. Every planet he stepped foot on was reduced to nothing, and its people by eras.

It was not until The First Alliance was born that his wrath could be challenged. That was not until the first half of the twelve stars was devoured, and the second to come. At the center is where the final battle was held. And in part to all that remained, the stars were allowed to continue to shine.

That was the story of Lalu The Cursed. A story among many we have truly forgotten.

Now, we are more alien to one another than ever before. Throughout the wars and greed and secrets, the official star powers and those who stand unnamed as their equals, the politicians, the syndicates fueled by blood, the syndicates fueled by peace, the average man's regrets, and woman's flaws, throughout it all... we are lost. So terribly lost.

And out there, somewhere out there the forgotten also remain. Far greater than the mighty of today, different than how we will remember. And they will return.


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Science Fiction, Fantasy, 90-Minute Short Reads, Space Opera
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Listed Publisher
Highking Universe
Publication Date
Dec 07 2020
Alno Highking