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Kotov Syndrome (Azaes Realm)

by Tim Baughman Jr.
Erika Edens is panicking. Behind on her bills and stuck in a crappy job, she's blindsided when ex-love-of-her-life Abby shows up needing a place to stay. This is the perfect situation for a second chance...

...except that Abby is a computer simulation in the body of an android. Battling the rising hostility of her world and the demons in her head, Erika struggles to come to terms with living in a country increasingly hostile to non-human entities. Can Erika adapt to life with her new roommate? Or will her troubles end any chance at reconciliation before it gets started?


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Listed Publisher
Timothy Dwayne Baughman Jr
Publication Date
Jan 23 2021
Tim Baughman Jr.