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Seducing Hope

Seducing Hope

by Adaline Winters
by Adaline Winters
How far would you go to protect a secret that causes the dark supernatural world to hunt you?

Who would you hurt to prevent a prophecy from wiping out everyone on the planet?

When Natia Waterford, defender of humankind and self-declared badass, is sent to investigate a series of kidnappings, she’s forced to step into the world of the arrogant Archan Reinheart.

She soon becomes entangled in a fight for both the human race and her own life. The rules are simple: everybody’s a threat, everything you read might be false, and, above all, protect your heart.

18+ due to mature scenes.

This is book one in a trilogy.
It ends in cliff hanger.

Trigger warning - There is a scene of assault that some may find triggering.


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Fantasy, Romantic, Romance, Paranormal, Paranormal & Urban
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Independently Published
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Jul 22 2020
Adaline Winters