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Black the Tides: A young adult dark fantasy road trip in search of lost magic (Threads of Dreams Book 2)

by K.A. Wiggins
YA Fantasy with an Edge

Something deadly lurks below the surface . . .

The dead haunt my dreams. Though I'm still recovering from battling the Mara, I can't deny their summons—nor do I want to.

I've proved to myself and everyone else that I can fight the monsters and win. Now I can't wait to destroy them once and for all.

But in my hurry to take revenge against our oppressors and cement my hard-won position as hero of the city, I must have dived back in too soon . . . because the magic I've only just learned to wield fails to show up for the fight.

And if that's not bad enough, it doesn't seem to be coming back. Ash straight-up kidnaps me to keep me from trying to fight again. He claims the dreamwalkers of Nine Peaks will be able to help me.

Too bad the homeland I no longer remember can only be reached by a journey of days, maybe even weeks, across mountains and monster-infested wilderness.

If I can't restore my connection to the dreamscape before it's too late, my newfound friends won't be the only ones to pay the price. Everyone in my city will be devoured by the Mara.

But more than just monsters stand in my way—and taking back the power to stop them just might cost me everything.

What happens when you reach for the hero within—and find out she isn't you?

Buy the anticipated sequel to Blind the Eyes for riveting YA dark fantasy with a devastating cliffhanger twist.


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YA, Dystopian
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Listed Publisher
Snowmelt & Stumps
Publication Date
Aug 26 2020
K.A. Wiggins