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Overlords (The Questing Least)

by Matthew M. Pyke
The quest to find an unusual stone and restore a fallen kingdom and its broken king begins…

The fall of Paladia was foretold long ago. Mysterious entities place a curse upon the land, dooming King Pallan and his people. Ominous signs appearing in the sky and strange weather threaten the kingdom as shadow men wander the countryside, terrifying citizens.
A rapacious monarch from the west eyes the disarray of Paladia as an opportunity for limitless gain; the sacking of the coveted and vaunted kingdom of the north. The beastly King Ibren and his forces infiltrate the hapless kingdom, with seeming ease.

As King Pallan III watches his men die, in waves, he is confronted with a choice—defend the castle and risk being killed, allowing, potentially, a foreign king to usurp the throne or flee with a regiment of specially trained soldiers and scribes to search for the legendary Kaiper Stone of Ayren—thus beginning a quest of self-discovery and the swinging pendulum of the vicissitudes of fortune.


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Fantasy, Sword & Sorcery, Action & Adventure, Epic
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Independently Published
Publication Date
Jun 15 2020
Matthew M. Pyke