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Proxima (Proxima Odyssey Series)

by Chase Hildenbrand
In the 2100s mankind is about to embark on a mission to save the human species. Earth is dying and time is running out. Liam Donovan and Ann Caldwell work at the construction site where one of eight ships is being built that will carry thousands to the nearest potentially habitable planet, Proxima b.

But not everyone wants them to leave. A terrorist attack on the construction site of one of the ships leaves dozens dead. Why attack those wanting to save them? And who are they?

Before those questions can be answered another threat looms on the horizon. An alien fleet has been spotted at the edge of the solar system heading their way. But are they coming to help a broken world...or to destroy it?

'Proxima' is an action-packed science-fiction odyssey spanning planets and a millennia. Love and war separated by light years.


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Space Opera
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Independently published
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Jul 01 2020
Chase Hildenbrand