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I Am Unworthy: (Josh and Izzy, #1)

by Angela Mack
Fear. Protect. Punch. Repeat. Fear. Protect. Punch. Repeat.

After years of bullying and misery, Isabel Johnson is determined that her first year of Gilleford Sixth Form College is going to be different. She's going to reinvent herself as the confident, carefree warrior she's always longed to be. Even if she's secretly terrified the entire time.

Joshua Bugg is a fighter. He throws punches without a second's thought. Being Mr Nice Guy doesn't get you anywhere in life. But underneath the bravado, he hides a horrifying secret.

When Isabel starts asking too many questions, Joshua knows he needs to do whatever he can to keep her mouth shut. She's an irritating bump in his road to freedom. He can't back down. He has to win the fight. He has to survive.


Angela Mack brings you her debut novel I AM UNWORTHY, a powerful story of pain, bravery and love.

Due to it's strong language and violent content, I AM UNWORTHY is recommended for mature readers only.


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YA, about Siblings
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Jul 01 2020
Angela Mack