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StarPyre: A Scifi Alien Abduction Prison Romance

StarPyre: A Scifi Alien Abduction Prison Romance

by Jade Waltz
by Jade Waltz
My plan for the summer was to win a cosplay contest…
But I wound up being abducted by aliens instead.

Who knew dressing up as a space fairy at a summer rave would end up with me in a prison?
Now I am trapped with three gorgeous males who seem to be wearing the same costume as I am—only I'm pretty sure they aren’t.
Things about them aren't adding up…

Their eyes appear to be glowing whenever they watch me…
Their wings look too real to be fake…
And the most crazy thing of all is that the language barrier doesn't create any boundaries between us when it comes to touching…
When the truth finally comes out that I am not dreaming, my life takes off out of this world…

Now, I am depending on three alien males for a chance at survival…
And the only thing that their survival depends on:

StarPyre is a fast-burn RH alien abduction standalone romance with an unique twist of common dark themes, by making them light with tons of laughs, misunderstandings and an HEA!


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Science Fiction, Romance
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Jade Waltz
Publication Date
Jun 01 2020
Jade Waltz