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Chosen (The Enchanted Trials)

by Shelby Hild
Vivilyn has a deadly secret.
In the Kingdom of Etilidus, two things are certain:
1. Magic is dangerous and any hint of magical ability equals death.
2. Every citizen excitedly awaits the Enchanted Trials, a competition that's held when a royal comes of age and must choose a match.

Vivilyn Minette is a talented artist from the small town of Treelyn who dreams of raising her family's fortune by becoming a famous painter. So, when she is chosen to compete for the heart of Prince Aiden, an opportunity of a lifetime, she should be ecstatic. But while everyone else in Treelyn is celebrating her newfound fame, she is terrified that her secret will be discovered.

Magic runs through her veins.


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Fantasy, Coming of Age, Epic
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Independently Published
Publication Date
Oct 15 2020
Shelby Hild