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Reflections: A RIFT IN THE VEIL novella

Reflections: A RIFT IN THE VEIL novella

by Kima Blaze
by Kima Blaze
Witches have two jobs:
One: make sure the Veil stays strong and in place.
Two: deal with ghosts or spirits that get through the Veil.

It's an easy job. The biggest baddies don't get through, and the ghosts that start making trouble aren't even worth worrying about. Any witch with awakened powers can take care of them.

So when girls start going missing, Sara Hearth realizes there's a spirit of some kind involved. She expects an easy fix but soon learns that this spirit is something new, something powerful, and she has no idea how to fight it or save the girls.

Sara is lucky, but will it be enough?


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Science Fiction, Fantasy, Two-Hour Short Reads, Occult, Paranormal & Urban, Occult Horror
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May 27 2020
Kima Blaze