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The Shadow Curse

by Kala Merseal
A forsaken princess and the dark god that seeks to destroy all she loves...

The Kaevari demons came not long after the Crown Prince of Waetherea died of the dark, ominous plague that overcame the Altanan continent. These beasts of shadows and carnage devoured the continent one kingdom after another.

The mighty kingdom of Therilea crumbles one fateful night when the full moon lights up the carnage for the gods to behold. Therilean princess Ara Zypherus flees with her father’s trusted soldiers and his commander Raethin Corvus. Their escape leads them into the Rakevan Forest, a blessed, labyrinthine woods with a mind of its own.

The only way to survive is to seek shelter with the legendary druidic people and find a way to stop the Kaevari from wiping out the realms of all life.

But the gods have another plan. A dark entity seeks to devour all life—to twist the primordial gods’ creations of the mortal realms and remake it in his image.

Together, Ara and Raethin must reconcile with loss, destiny, and the truth behind the curse that plagues their realm.

The fate of the realm rests on their shoulders.

Will they accept destiny and play the roles their gods set for them? Or will they deny the gods their game and forge their own fate?


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Fantasy, Romantic, Mythology & Folk Tales
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Independently published
Publication Date
Dec 01 2020
Kala Merseal