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Out of the Dark

Out of the Dark

by Ashlyn Drewek
by Ashlyn Drewek
It has been 75 years since vampire Eric Collins killed the last woman he loved. Determined not to make the same mistake again, he swore off humans and threw himself into work as a detective. His plans for a solitary eternity are disrupted the night he saves Kate Turner, a fellow Chicago cop, from being murdered along with her partner. But Eric has bigger problems than the dormant feelings Kate stirs up. Tiberius, the oldest vampire Eric has ever encountered in his 250 years, wants them both dead and will stop at nothing to reassert himself as the dominant male vampire in Chicago.

Falling in love with her partner was never part of Kate Turner's career plan. She already has two strikes against her — the last thing she needs is a third. The daughter of an infamous Internal Affairs captain and the survivor of a shootout that left her partner dead, Kate is trying her best to forge her own way within the ranks of Chicago PD. Reunited with Eric Collins, the detective who saved her life, Kate struggles with the idea of growing close to another partner. But as the only one who seems to understand Kate and her battle with PTSD, it soon becomes clear Eric is going to be Strike Three, no matter how much she denies it to herself or her therapist.

OUT OF THE DARK is a slow burn paranormal romance about vampires and cops with commitment issues and what it means to fall in love with the one person you're not supposed to.


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Romance, Mystery
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Fox Hollow Books
Publication Date
Jun 01 2020
Ashlyn Drewek