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The Iron River (An Eleanor Morgan Novel Book 6)

by Amy Cissell
Two years have passed since Eleanor opened the final gate and crossed to the Fae Realm. Now she’s back on Earth only to find everything in chaos.

Eleanor’s returned to search for Isaac, afraid the madness that nearly consumed him during his captivity will finish destroying him now that he’s escaped. Her search will encompass two continents and four countries, and she’ll encounter enemies rising up to take advantage of the new world she’s created.

Isaac’s Fae jailer led him through a hidden gate and into a Central Europe beset by magical chaos. But freedom from further torture at the hands of his Fae and vampire captors might not be enough to heal the damage that’s already been done.

Will Eleanor find Isaac in time to save his mind and his soul? Or will Isaac surrender to madness and spend the rest of his days cast out and wild?


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Science Fiction, Post-Apocalyptic
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Listed Publisher
Broken World Publishing
Publication Date
May 05 2020
Amy Cissell