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Birth Of The Dawnhawk (The Blessed)

by Z. Apollo et al.
Energy binds everyone in the great continent of Amasia. That’s what the most religious would have people believe. Energy can be shaped. Energy can be destroyed. Many in the world have the ability to energy shape, controlling the elements around them in any way they see fit. However, only five are Blessed with unique power. The power to defeat Insanity.

For over a 1000 years the Mother’s Blessing has watched over Amasia, entrapping the Insanity, as it’s passed down from generation to generation in the form of the Blessed. They’re powerful. They’re impossible, and they’re the world’s only hope.

It was said that there would be five at one time with remarkable powers that would one day come together and save the world from Insanity. Throughout history there had been many famous individuals all over the continent with the marking to show their Blessing, whether they were an immortal of the High Vilmar or a Drakonian on the Birthing Isles. These Blessings passed down from generation to generation, never truly being used for their purpose, until now.

Birth Of A Dawnhawk is centred around Avila Dawnhawk, the famous daughter to the ruler of the sacred city Hassun. The soft-hearted princess is returning home from her years of studying and training in the mountains to attend her younger brother prince Azai’s royal energy-binding.

Avilas Blessing had given her amazing abilities but with these abilities came a world of responsibilities. All the responsibilities that were thrust upon her came from beliefs long passed through the generations. Beliefs that the people gifted with this power would need to protect all life someday from the eternal threat of Insanity.

Living in a world where people could shape the very essence of their environment would have been treacherous for anyone with this power as many thought it could be harnessed or even harvested, as Avila would soon come to find out.

On the night of the energy binding Avila is unable to sleep and instead takes a walk through the palace following the shrill calls of her family’s ageing pet dawnhawk. What she discovers will forever change the course of her life. After a joyous occasion turns into a treacherous night of bloody betrayal, her life would never be the same again.

With the hopes of generations of people on her shoulders and with Insanity beginning to take root in the world once again, corrupting the hearts and minds of the innocent, will Avila Dawnhawk soar when she leaves the nest and follow her destiny? Or will she be grounded by a fear of flight?


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Fantasy, Sword & Sorcery, Mythology & Folk Tales, Epic
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Listed Publisher
Independently Published
Publication Date
Jun 27 2020
Z. Apollo
M.J. Northwood