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To Be An Ace (Science and Sorcery)

by Ryan Tang
True peace is hard.

The space colony Plenty is finally free from the tyranny of Southern Robotics and company director Irl Stock. The relieved citizens are eager to create a new and better world, but they soon find themselves besieged on every side by task after task and foe after foe. They must repair the colony's shattered core and find Stock's hidden depot of stolen Paragon war machines. Another colony wants to become their ally, but nobody can tell if their handsome new Governor is a true friend or a wolf in sheep's clothing. The ensnared souls of Stock's demonic ritual roam the colony, only to vanish as soon as the sun rises. More and more of Stock's deformed victims reveal themselves each day, straining the colony's ability to care for them to a breaking point. And worst of all, there is a traitor in their midsts, a brilliant Paragon pilot whose skills are enhanced by supernatural forces. They claim they'll bring back peace to Plenty, so long as they return to the ruthless regime of Southern Robotics.

Alex the librarian brings her Mosiac Blue Paragon to battle once again, not knowing that the secrets to Plenty's salvation lie not on the battlefield, but somehow, in the book she's adored since she was a little girl.

The second installment in the Science and Sorcery series once again features thrilling combat between mecha robots, political intrigue, and demonic forces waiting to reveal themselves.


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Space Opera, Mashup
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Independently published
Publication Date
Apr 28 2020
Ryan Tang