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The Wholeness Quest Workbook & Journal: Reflections on the 10 Signposts of the Heroine's Journey (Self-reflection exercises and journal prompts to create a whole new you)

by Veronica Strachan
Which version of you is living your life? Is that everything you can be?

The Wholeness Quest Workbook & Journal invites you to follow your own self-discovery quest in your own way, at your own pace, and in a safe space amongst these pages.

Be guided through the ten signposts of the Heroine’s Journey as you complete reflective exercises and follow journal prompts to explore a whole new version of you. Practical tools and powerful lessons will help you to discover:

- How to realise what you value and what matters most to you
- How to find feeling and connection to the version of you that you want and need to be
- How to practice gratitude, compassion, and creativity
- How to recognise your capabilities, plan, and take courageous action towards your dreams
- And so much more….

Like Veronica Strachan’s poignant memoir, Breathing While Drowning: One Woman’s Quest for Wholeness, The Wholeness Quest Workbook & Journal is a message of courage and hope, packed with honesty, wisdom, compassion, and inspiration.

Write yourself a new story and learn to listen to your inner voice – the one telling you to dream more, to do more, and to be more.

The Wholeness Quest Workbook & Journal will help you to take the first step on your own quest.


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Women's Health, Personal Transformation Self-Help, General Women's Health, Personal Transformation
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Listed Publisher
True Dialogue
Publication Date
Apr 06 2020
Veronica Strachan