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Song of Storms

Song of Storms

by Kayla Maya
by Kayla Maya
For Bryn, life is rough in the city. Her father passed away in a mining accident, her mother is deathly ill, and her elder brother has taken their fathers place. She could do what any girl would do in the village and work as a seamstress, but that life doesn’t suit Bryn all that well.

Thievery does.

When Bryn meets North, she thinks her life could get better—or not. North is an enigma and he has asked her to do the impossible. A heist. Steal the king’s mask and bring peace to the kingdom or die trying. If that weren't enough, she is constantly being followed by strange men in hoods. With her ever growing powers, Bryn begins to wonder just who is the bad guy, her or the king.


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Fantasy, Coming of Age, Epic, Action & Adventure
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Independently published
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Apr 30 2020
Kayla Maya