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The Magpie Isles (The Gems of Elsana)

by Christian Sterling
They're back. More battles. More banter. More boo yattah.

Following a tumultuous journey through the Wildbarrens, Falin, Red, Jimbuah, Melquin, Bossador, Nym, and Carthon find themselves prepared to embark into the Magpie Isles, the mysterious set of islands where the sea shakes hands with the bizarre. Based on Falin’s map, the third Gem for his staff hides on the island of Hadrones, the same island where the nefarious warlocks Nyril the Coercer and Mulgus the Plague seek an ancient, mythical source of power known as Curo’s Knife.

Our beloved heroes face a new level of strange in the Magpie Isles, meeting both friend and foe while being dragged into unexpected adventures. Their journey sheds new light onto the looming war in the Freelands among a greater threat to all of Elsana. The company’s spirits are challenged and their minds are tested as they cross paths with merpeople, pirates, and peculiar creatures beyond their imaginations. 

Christian Sterling’s sequel novel in The Gems of Elsana series, The Magpie Isles, brings us to a story rife with the feel-good fantasy we so much enjoy. Return to Elsana, and delve into a world that will have you shouting Boo Yattah!


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Fantasy, Epic
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Independently Published
Publication Date
May 25 2020
Christian Sterling