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The Hungry Dark (3rd Eye Detective)

by Tess Arnold
Days Since Last Incident: 0

It’s been a year since anything supernatural tried to kill P.I. Caleb Carson.

But no streak lasts forever.

Caleb thought he was having a good day, until a giant, ghostly raven murdered a client on the detective’s doorstep. Now he’ll have to piece together a twisted plot of greed and revenge before dark magics and a marauding shadow creature tear his city apart.
As Halloween looms and his enemies close in, can Caleb outwit the occult forces set loose on Knoxville, or will all be consumed by the hungry dark?


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Fantasy, Paranormal & Urban, Occult, Hard-Boiled Mystery, Mystery, Supernatural
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Listed Publisher
Pot Handle Press
Publication Date
Mar 19 2020
Tess Arnold