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Money and Good Things (The Olivia Series Book 5)

by Yael Politis
It is 1857. Olivia, Nick, their two little girls, and Charlie still live in the old boarding house. It has been nine years since Mourning left Olivia. Nine years since the last time she saw him – though he has always arranged to have Charlie with him for a few weeks each year.
But today Olivia is anxiously awaiting Mourning’s arrival. Yesterday he sent a message with Michelle – he needs to talk with Olivia. Why now? What will he say? Does he intend to take Charlie for good?
On this already emotionally-charged day, a cryptic telegram from Missouri arrives. It will take Olivia, Mourning, and Nick on a different kind of journey together.

Historical Fiction, Women's Fiction, Literary Fiction


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Historical, Women's
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Listed Publisher
Yael Politis
Publication Date
Mar 07 2020
Yael Politis