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King of Forever: A Gothic Scottish Fairy Tale (Bright Spear Trilogy)

by H.L. Macfarlane
“What was so important that you had to call us here today, fox?” Murdoch demanded, though his voice was soft and gentle. For Sorcha’s sake, Lachlan assumed, though given the kelpie’s usage of his favourite insult fox he had to wonder what the point was of changing his tone. Either way, it didn’t matter; Lachlan had to pose his request to Sorcha regardless of what Murdoch said or did over the next few, all-important minutes.

Now that he was faced with what he had to ask, however, Lachlan found that he could not look at Sorcha at all. He straightened on the throne, smoothing a hand over his hair and hooking a finger inside the uncomfortably restrictive collar of his human shirt as his brain fumbled for the right words.

“What I have to say – what I have to ask of you,” he began, very slowly, “is no easy request. I am well aware of that. Yet I have thought on the matter at length over the past five years and find myself in a position where it would be detrimental to delay voicing my request any longer.”

Murdoch frowned, deeply suspicious, though Sorcha’s previously sad expression changed in a moment to one of curiosity. She closed the gap between herself and the throne to rest a hand over Lachlan’s. Her skin was icy cold, sending a shiver down his spine. But the way Sorcha looked at him was warm and familiar and tugged at Lachlan’s heart, forcing his request out of his mouth before he could do anything to stop it.

“Have my child.”

Sometimes protecting those we love means working with those we hate.

Seven years ago Sorcha saved the life of Lachlan, Crown Prince of the Seelie Court, and became the object of affection for the kelpie, Murdoch, who sought to best him and destroy the court from within.

Five years ago she saved them both from the wrath of the Unseelie king by giving up half her life.

Now it’s time to pay up.

The last thing Sorcha wanted was an immortal life, but now she may not have a choice in the matter. 

For King Eirian wants nothing more than to rule over his Seelie brethren and take control of the kelpie’s powers, and has no qualms about using the mortal woman they both love to do it.

The final book in the acclaimed Bright Spear trilogy,  King of Forever is loosely based on the Celtic folk tale Tam Lin, and the myth of Hades and Persephone. It also features cameos from Adrian Wolfe and Julian Thorne, the main protagonists from Big, Bad Mister Wolfe and The Tower Without a Door (Chronicles of Curses books 1 and 3).

NOTE: King of Forever is written in UK (British) English, not American English.

Praise for Prince of Foxes:

"The Prince of Foxes is as lushly filled with rich prose as any timeless classic. Hayley writes in a way that calls to mind the original fairy tales written hundreds of years ago..." Amazon.com reviewer

"From the first page to the last, this is a captivating read." Amazon.com reviewer

"I had no doubt I would lose myself in this book, and I can safely say it was everything I wanted." Amazon.co.uk reviewer


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Romance, Fantasy
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Listed Publisher
Macfarlane Lantern Publishing
Publication Date
Mar 20 2020
H.L. Macfarlane