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Ghost Probe

by Craig A. Price Jr.
Daniel is an Unwanted. Unlike the clone captains, his missions are menial. Until he's in the right place at the right time. No one else is close enough.

All Daniel has ever wanted is to fit in. However, being an Unwanted makes him at the bottom of the food chain. Clones despise the Unwanted, because the clones are the best of the best, genetically--that's why they were chosen to be replicated--cloned. Unwanted weren't even wanted by their parents.

However, Daniel wants to change all that. He's sick of the discrimination of the Space Academy and the Space Explorers. He wants to lead a discovery mission. He wants to search for extraterrestrial life--or at least the possibility of it. Instead, he is in charge of measly mining discovery operations. If Daniel has to search for one more asteroid belt containing precious minerals for the shipyards, he'll go insane. It's time to make a change.

The President calls with a mission that only Daniel can complete. Why? Because he's the only captain near the sector that needs to be explored. Yes, all because he's the closest. Daniel isn't going to let that bother him. He's going to fulfill the newly appointed discovery mission, and he's going to do a better job than any of the clone captains before him. Daniel is going to prove himself.


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Science Fiction, Exploration
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Independently published
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Feb 09 2020
Craig A. Price Jr.