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From the Dust: A Dystopian Novel (Ember Society)

by A.R. Colbert
The New American government does everything “For the Greater Good.” Or does it?

When Claren Greenwood is identified as an Empath during her aptitude test, she’s offered a rare position among the Peacemakers in her city. Becoming a Peacemaker may finally be Claren’s ticket to a better life, allowing her to overcome a turbulent family history.

But when her brother gets into trouble with the city again, Claren finds herself straddling two worlds—one begging her to work for “The Greater Good,” and the other destroying everything she thought she understood about life in the city.

Claren must discover what’s true and what’s a lie in order to save her brother. And she must do it without losing the trust of either side.

Fans of Divergent and The Hunger Games will love this new series by debut author AR Colbert. With political intrigue, espionage, and little romance along the way, this series has it all. Prepare to get hooked!


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Independently Published
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Feb 14 2020
A.R. Colbert