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Path of Ruin: Arcane Renaissance Book One

by Tim Paulson
When machines run on human souls, cruelty is king.

Mia has spent her life seeking freedom from oppression, discrimination and human greed. She's never questioned where the power of her weapons comes from or where her orders lead her. That's about to change.

Blacksmith Henri fled with his five year old son Adem to the frontier, desperate to hide his boy. As an outsider and the son of a former slave, Henri has worked hard to win over their village. Unfortunately this has given him little time to monitor his son whose powers are growing.

When the armies of Baron Halett and the Holy Ganex Empire clash, Henri's son becomes infected by nineteen twisted souls. Mia and Henri must set off to cure the boy's affliction before it eats him alive from the inside.

Set during an age of exploitation and plunder where ancient magic has been harnessed to power renaissance era technology, Path of Ruin is a race against time. Swords & sorcery, witches & wizards, gunpowder, cannons, and great granite golems known as goliaths, await the reader in this grand series.


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Fantasy, Sword & Sorcery
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Independently published
Publication Date
Oct 02 2020
Tim Paulson