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Silo: A Post-Apocalyptic Survival Thriller

Silo: A Post-Apocalyptic Survival Thriller

by Jay J. Falconer et al.
by Jay J. Falconer et al.
A world covered in ice...
A missile silo prepped for war...
Threats looming everywhere... After a new ice age smothered the planet, most perished along with the sunlight, leaving only the desperate. It was kill or be killed, pitting neighbor against neighbor in an epic battle for survival.

Now humanity is almost gone.

Armed camps remain.

For some, strength comes in numbers, attacking anything that moves in a blur of anger and revenge.

For others, keeping their dignity and a few scavenged items are the only things worth saving.

It’s the classic struggle of good versus evil.

Except no one truly knows which side they’re on.


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Dystopian, Thriller & Suspense Action, War & Military Action
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Independently published
Publication Date
Oct 31 2020
Jay J. Falconer
M.L. Banner