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The Lady of Kingdoms (Watchers of Outremer Book 2)

The Lady of Kingdoms (Watchers of Outremer Book 2)

by Suzannah Rowntree
by Suzannah Rowntree
Magic made her a warrior.

Justice will make her a legend.

Jerusalem, 1180: A catastrophe destroyed Marta Bessarion's family and whisked her away from everything she once knew. Now, armed with a magic spear and a burning thirst for justice, Marta vows to protect her new home and family, no matter the cost.

But trouble is brewing in the glittering palaces of Jerusalem...

The young Leper King, Baldwin, is dying. Before he goes, Baldwin must choose a successor...but every choice is a bad one. An innocent child, exploited by stronger men? A crafty cousin who has already tried to snatch the crown? Or his brilliant, passionate sister who is determined to rule - even if it triggers a war?

When enemy armies muster on the kingdom's borders, Marta charges into battle. But when Baldwin's choice puts her newfound family at risk, Marta finds herself fighting a new kind of battle - one in which intrigue, deception, and betrayal are the weapons.

To save the kingdom, she’ll need more than a magic spear to destroy its enemies.

She'll need a saint to save its soul.

The Lady of Kingdoms is Book 2 in the Watchers of Outremer series (though you don’t have to read Book 1 first). Wonder Woman meets City of Brass in this thrilling historical fantasy featuring lady knights, fierce princesses, and eldritch dragon angels!

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Science Fiction, YA
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Bocfodder Press
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Nov 26 2019
Suzannah Rowntree