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Echoes of the Gidat: The Genesis Chronicles Book 1

Echoes of the Gidat: The Genesis Chronicles Book 1

by Emé Savage
by Emé Savage
The Gidat have existed since the First One. he was the Hearer of the Voice and defender of his People. His journey revealed a malevolent entity more powerful than anything that came before.

Thousands of years in the future, the Gidat are all but extinct due to a genocide perpetrated by a King who has acquired unnatural powers. The Lady must find and deliver a boy out of the hands of the King. This boy is the Last Gidat, and the best hope for a ravaged Sadatian people.

Throught The Telling, the First Gidat reveals a malevolent entity that can take any form... including a King. Can the echoes of a long-forgotten story help a boy who has lost everything?


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Fantasy, Epic
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Independently Published
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May 30 2019
Emé Savage