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Origins: The Road To Power: A Leeds Crime Fiction Novel (The Target Series Book 1)

by Ricky Black
Can you ever truly rise above your origins?

Money is the main motivator Lamont Jones. Life is punishing, and with limited opportunities, Lamont turns to the crime life.

Spurred on by his newfound responsibilities, backed by his fierce friend, Shorty Turner, he quickly graduates from boy to man . . . from Lamont to Teflon.

But, the rise comes at a price. With the city’s Kingpins seeking to test his mettle, Lamont finds himself targeted.

With the stakes at their highest, Teflon has to live up to his name and prove himself worthy of the crown.

The road to power is never easy, and this is a game Lamont cannot afford to lose.  


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Organized Crime
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Listed Publisher
Ricky Black Books Limited
Publication Date
Oct 20 2019
Ricky Black