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The Shattering of the Spirit-Sword Brackish: Part I

by Sam Farren
Princess Castelle is the last of her bloodline.

Kept safe by the spirits bound to the forest surrounding her, Castelle devotes herself to studying all a future Queen needs to know, waiting for the day she can wield Brackish. The spirit-sword is her birthright. Only those worthy of ruling the archipelago can temper Brackish’s ancient rage without succumbing to it.

After half a lifetime spent waiting to reclaim her mother’s throne, Castelle’s frustration gets the better of her. After yet another assassination attempt, her disenchantment with her exile forces her to act. Castelle wanders into the forest, crossing the lines that have kept her safe.

If you're looking for a character-driven, slow-burn lesbian romance set in a rich fantasy world, this might just be the novel for you.


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Fantasy, Epic, LGBT
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Independently Published
Publication Date
Oct 13 2019
Sam Farren