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Sip: The Audacity's Horrific Horrors

by Laura Loup
An Audacious Short Story
Vampires, aliens, gore, and pyramid schemes await!

In a haphazard grab at eternal life for the short-lived May, Xan gets reeled in by a killer pyramid scheme. Will either of them survive? No. The answer to that is no, they won’t.

You’re about to enter a side of the Audacity you haven’t seen before. A dark side. Ghastly, gruesome, dreadful, and at times even spooky. We’re here to peek our heads through a tiny rip in the fabric of space and time and peer into an alternate reality wherein horrible horrors await our wholesome heroes and the only explanations are unexplainable.
If you’re squeamish, turn back now!
Rest assured dear readers, none of what follows is canon.

Actual things readers have said
"Awwwwww, no, Xan!"
"I'm really glad it's not cannon though because May was like super into murder"


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One-Hour Short Reads, Horror, Humorous, General Humorous, Horror Comedy
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Oct 30 2019
Laura Loup